About & Team

About & Team


GCR is an internet based Christian broadcasting ministry. We broadcast on our website www.genesischristianradio.com, Facebook ,our youtube channel GCR TV, and via the TUNEIN app on your mobile device or smart TV..

Our calling to to feed the sheep and equip the saints for the end time events as they unfold. We are serious about our faith and the temptations and perils of the world and satan. Our presenters and ministries provide their time free of charge to strengthen your faith and walk with Jesus.


It is our prayer and intention secure your faith by teaching the word of GOD without fear or favor. No compromise or watering down of the scriptures.We teach a full fat comprehensive message of salvation through repentance and acceptance of Jesus our savior. We believe in the complete and unashamed word of GOD, from Genesis to Revelation without omission.

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GCR is a Christian resource for all believers wishing to hear insightful and biblical sound teaching.

We believe and proclaim that Jesus Christ is the one and only son of GOD, raised from the dead for the salvation of the world. He is part of the Triune GOD head called the Trinity, which includes GOD the father, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus.