To watch all you have to do is click on the link in the Genesis Christian Radio .com page in Facebook(you can go direct from the Facebook button on the left) or via the GCR TV page on Youtube (click below) Initialy the program will run with Samson Jebutu on the last Thursday of the month starting on the 30th June at 8pm. We are currently working on programs with Jacob Prasch and Pastor John Hayward, full details will be available soon.










     About Genesis Christian Radio

GCR is a Christian resource for all believers wishing to hear insightful and biblical sound teaching.

We believe and proclaim that Jesus Christ is the one and only son of GOD, raised from the dead for the salvation of the world. He is part of the Triune GOD head called the trinity, which includes GOD the father, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus.

We are convinced of his return and the rapture of all belivers Jew and Gentile who repent and accept Jesus as the son of GOD and their saviour,one united body the Church. We preach the nation of Israel as GODS chosen nation, as documented in his 66 books of the bible.  Authority and inerrancy, of the scriptures, repentance and submission to GOD.  Living in obedience to him and with the guidance of the and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We are a listener supported service to provide sound bible teaching across the Globe. All our contributors provide their services free of charge. No one is employed by GCR, our daily running costs are gratefully supported by your prayer and financial donations. If you would like to contribute to the running of the station please click on the link above.  The Pay Pal donation service is a secure online payment service. Your account details are not disclosed to 3rd parties including GCR. We thank you for your continued support in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  


Our aim is to provide teaching, from those called to deliver biblical exposition, showing the love of GOD through his son Jesus Christ. We have a heart for the lost, the persecuted church, and the children of Israel.


The Bible and therefore the LORD has the final word. We have listened to friends who have concerns with much of what is taught today and the direction of the Church in general towards replacement theology, New age practices Chrislam, ecumenism and many other issues that lead us to believe, that the apostasy is well under way.


So please listen, mark our site on your favorites, tell your friends about us and enjoy the teaching and be blessed with the love and provision of JESUS.


A full list of all programs and Presenters are on the program and links pages, where you can go to their specific mission web site and find out more about their work and read articles and download missed programs.


We encourage you to subscribe or join mailing lists of any mission sites where the LORD has drawn your attention. Just tell them we sent you.



Monday  -  Friday

 0700 - A City on a Hill Michael  Clark

 0725 - Billy Graham Radio

 0730 -  Invisible War 

 0800 -  Bernie Dymett

 0830 -  Alistar Beggs

 0900 – Jack Hibbs Real Radio

 0925 -  International Board of Jewish Missions

 0930 -  Julia fisher, Olive Tree

 0950 - Messianic minutes 

 1000 -  In Spirit & Truth  JD Farag

 1030 –  Friends of Israel 

 1100 -  M.O.T.M. Samson Jebutu

 1200 -  Calvary Chapel Bible study

 1300 -  Wretched radio Todd Friel

 1400 -  Rob Randall The Invisable war

 1430 -  A City on a Hill Michael  Clark

 1500 -  Unshackled

 1530 -  Julia Fisher OliverTree

 1545 - Messianic Minutes

 1550 - International board of Jewish Missions

 1600 -  JD Farag in Spirit & Truth

 1630 -  Friends of Israel 

 1700  -  66  books Robert Farrell

 1800  -  Jack Hibbs Real Radio

 1825 -   5 Mins in church History

 1830 -   Alistar Beggs

 1900 -   Pastor David Nathan Bread of  life Ministries (except last Thursday of every Month when samson Jebutu presents Synopsis from 7-9 PM)

 2000 -   Samson Jebutu  Moments of Truth Ministries

 2100 -   Wretched Radio Todd Friel

 2200 -   Chris Roseborough Fighting for the Faith



overnight schedule Mon-Sun


  0000 - Night Moves V R Farrell

  0015 -  Word and the World

  0030 - Night sounds

  0100 – A city on a hill

  0130 - Alistar Beggs

  0200 - Calvary Chapel 

  0300 - Invisible War

  0330 - Unshackled

  0400 - Friends of Israel

  0430 – Jack Hibbs

  0500 - Samson Jebutu

  0600 - David Nathan




 Weekend programs are repeated  Saturday and Sunday except where  indicated

 0800 - Dan Brooks

 0900 – Samson Jebutu   

 1000 – Mini Bible college

 1030 - Alistar Begg

 1100 – Calvary Chapel Bible fellowship Clark Van Wick

 1200 – Jack Hibbs weekend

 1225 - 5 minutes in church history

 1230 -  F.O.I. Friends of Israel

 1300 – Wretched radio Todd Friel

 1400 – Streets of Gold

 1600 -  Word and The World

 1630 - JD Farag

 1700 - David Nathan

 1800 – Unshackled (real life    Christian drama)

 1900 – Pastor John Hayward Court  Farm Rd Evangelical Church 

 2000 – Jacob Prasch Moriel  Ministries

 2100 – Moments of truth Pastor  Samson Jebutu

 2200 -  Mike Gendron

 2300 -  Night Moves 



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